Code of Ethics


North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild Code of Ethics

Working within a highly regulated industry, the state’s breweries and Guild work to create and maintain a business environment that fosters success for our breweries and operates for the well-being of our local communities.

Given our rapid growth, it is important for the industry to reaffirm its commitment to its ideals.  

Therefore, we the Brewers of North Carolina affirm:

  1. That as s a group of committed business owners, we will act in ways to promote the brewing communities of North Carolina,  

  2. We commit to working towards strengthening strategic relationships and focusing on ethical business practices,

  3. And to the principles of excellence, equity, and respect for all people 

  4. And, we will strive to make our communities better places in order to support the continued growth of the craft beer industry in North Carolina.

And therefore, we as proud craft brewers resolve that:

  1. We will support our industry and the communities that support it.  

  2. We will coach and mentor fellow industry members, following the example set by many of our industry veterans.

  3. We will abide by all applicable laws and regulations, and when necessary, work alongside regulators and officials to improve or modify the rules that govern our industry.  

  4. We will actively value diversity in our workplaces and draw from the rich backgrounds and abilities of everyone.

  5. We commit to continuing to educate our customers on our products.

  6. We encourage the safe consumption of our products.