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Allied Beverage Manufacturer - JOIN HERE

Tiered Annual Membership Dues, based on previous year's production:

                                                            0 - 1,000 bbls:  $200
                                                            1,001-5,000 bbls:  $500
                                                            5,001 - 10,000 bbls:  $1,000
                                                            10,001 - 20,000 bbls:  $2,500
                                                            20,001 - 50,000 bbls:  $5,000
                                                            50,000 + bbls:  $10,000

        Payable by check or credit card.


Allied Beverage Manufacturer membership is available to beverage producers that do not meet the NC Craft Brewers Guild definition of a craft brewery or are located outside of North Carolina. Allied Beverage Manufacturers do not have NCCBG legislative advocacy, nor NCCBG voting rights.  Examples include: kombucha, soda, and cider companies

With your support, the NC Craft Brewers Guild:

  • serves as the collective voice of North Carolina's craft brewing industry;
  • provides legal advocacy and legislative lobbying for our craft brewing industry;
  • promotes NC craft beer tourism, economic development, & export opportunities on state, national, and global levels;
  • provides proactive brewer notifications & advisories on regulatory and policy matters;
  • serves as a liaison for state and national media outlets;
  • provides professional development through low-cost educational conferences, webinars, workshops, & networking events for the NC craft community;
  • hosts the annual NC Craft Brewers Conference in Winston-Salem;
  • hosts the NC Brewers' Cup and NC State Fair Public House.

Additionally, Allied Craft Beverage Producer Membership in the Guild provides:

  • a business listing, link, and logo on;
  • complimentary shipping to GABF & World Beer Cup competitions;
  • access to an archive of informational materials on topics relevant to our brewing community;
  • discounted access to educational, networking, & social events across NC;
  • opportunity to submit a proposal for presentation at the NC Craft Brewers Conference;
  • monthly newsletter keeping you updated on the latest happenings and opportunities in NC beer.
  • digital “Proud Member” NCCBG logo to identify you as a proud supporter of NC Beer.

For more information, contact
Lisa Parker, Executive Director