Purpose of the Guild

The Guild works to make North Carolina a nationwide leader in craft brewing.  

With your support, we:

  • serve as the collective voice of North Carolina's craft brewing industry;

  • provide proactive legislative advocacy and lobbying efforts on behalf of the NC craft brewing industry;

  • promote craft beer tourism and increased visibility of NC craft beer on state, national, and global levels;

  • serve as a liaison for state and national media outlets; 

  • provide brewer notifications & advisories on regulatory and policy matters;

  • are a reliable resource for our membership base and the general public;

  • work in cooperation with state agencies to develop NC economic development, tourism, and craft export opportunities;

  • provide professional development through low-cost educational conferences, workshops, & networking events for the NC brewing community;

  • represent North Carolina at national craft beer events;

  • host the annual NC Craft Brewers Conference in Winston-Salem;

  • host the NC Brewers' Cup in cooperation with the NC State Fair.

We are the State of Southern Beer.