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We have just a couple job postings here from our member breweries. Search for 'brewery jobs' on popular job search engines like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter.

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Keg Crew

Business Name:Brewgaloo

Location: Downtown Raleigh- Fayetteville St.

Contact: Jennifer Martin

Phone (W):919-246-5753



Description:We're hiring a team to be a part of the kew crew which will accept deliveries, organize cold trucks and deliver kegs to each brewery for Brewgaloo happening on April 21 and 22, 2023!

Qualifications:Can lift up to 150 pounds. repeatedly. Must wear close toed shoes. Must be sober during the contracted work.

Taproom Manager

Business Name:Eno River Brewing

Location: Hillsborough, North Carolina

Contact: Natalie Rice

Phone (W):919-246-5753



Description:Eno River Brewing is seeking a taproom manager to serve as a creative partner in cultivating a unique and inclusive outdoor craft beer experience on the banks of the Eno River in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The taproom manager will be an integral part of the daily operations of the brewery and will be expected to regularly collaborate with and work alongside the Head Brewer and the management team to manage every aspect of the taproom while fostering good relationships with vendors and suppliers and creating an unparalleled customer experience.

Qualifications:The ideal candidate is highly organized, proactive, detail-oriented, trustworthy, and professional; has excellent written and verbal communication skills; has extensive experience in the service and hospitality industries; shows initiative and is proficient in multi-tasking; enjoys working as part of a team; and desires to play an instrumental part in upholding company values and growing its vision.

*To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to